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TheUnity welcomes you back to our site which is currently under reconstruction. As we continue our unique brand of reflective, jazzy, inspirational, rhythmic, musical magic, we will keep you updated with area performances in the near future.

For the moment, read Our Story, listen to Our Sound, see Our Presence, and feel Our Being as it relates to You.

Peace.Love.Power: “We Are One Always” TheUnity



TheUnity:  24 Hours A Day

TheUnity:  Something Easy

TheUnity:  Friday Night In Philly

TheUnity:  Fertile Life

TheUnity:  Rhythmic Drums

TheUnity:  Heaven Over War



"We Are One Always"
TheUnity: Arts On The Avenue
"We Are One Always"
TheUnity: The Blue Grotto
TheUnity: White Dog Cafe
TheUnity: Visions and Voices
TheUnity: University of Penn / MLK
TheUnity: University of Penn / MLK
TheUnity: African American History Museum
TheUnity: African American Museum



“It’s fascinating how with all its drive and energy, TheUnity’s music is also so peaceful. The sound has the sanity of African ritual and community. Well done! Keep the music going!”                                                                                 - Michael Malone, Emmy winner and Edgar-winning novelist

“The spirit of collaboration and open connection between TheUnity and their audience lets their music flow out unencumbered. This is a rare thing to see in a band. It’s what music is all about.”                                               – Michael Tinkelman, musician, Thomasson & Tinkelman,                  Cliff Turner & the Afterburners

“TheUnity is magic. They bring the whole place to life!”                                      - David Lawrence, artist and owner, Arts on the Avenue

“TheUnity exemplifies how artistic expression is the key to our humanity. They get down, way down into the music—and, us? We get lifted up, way up!”                                                                                                                                               – Pamela Groves, writer, The Sweet Tree Gallery,                                              Princeton University Library





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                                               “We Are One Always”


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