"We Are One Always... TheUnity"

Live the Music

TheUnity: Brother Robb Carter-Kathryn "Kitsi" Watterson-Dominic Cartwright

Invite You to open your Mind, Body, & Spirit for Musical Performance Art

               Live and in The Moment of Life..."We Are One Always"


Embrace Your Passion

TheUnity honors the human spirit with improvisational, meditative, soulful and jazzy "Music in the Moment of Creation

Live Life in Song

Our music represents the flow of life in motion, with it's highs and lows that embrace and encourage growth through freedom of expression.

Be Inspired by Everything

A World where we care for every family everywhere. Where everyone is raised to see that together is a stronger We.

About Us

Brother Robb Carter


Social Worker, Therapist, Peace Keeper

Kathryn "Kitsi" Watterson


Instructor,  Author, Civil Rights Activist

Dominic Cartwright


Nurse, Educator, Healer


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